Chaque image vient combler un manque, une absence, un désir. Elle est attendue et souvent (de plus en plus souvent…) remplacée aussitôt par une nouvelle image, une nouvelle promesse. Ad libidinem…

Voici donc rendu public les images, de bon gout ou de mauvais gout, personnelle ou volée, historique ou anecdotique, qui ont retenu le temps d'un instant ou beaucoup plus, l’œil du Greffon

THE DAILY PIC (Wednesday’s, that never posted for some reason): Austin, Texas, known for its with it with-it scenes in music and food and even beer, is nowheresville when it comes to art. Or was, until Louis Grachos, the new director of it’s newly renamed Contemporary Austin museum, started to bring in objects such as this deeply talismanic head/stone, by David Hammons. The sculpture normally lives in the collection of investor Glenn Fuhrman and his wife Amanda, but I saw it and other gems of 21st-century art on loan to the Contemporary’s “Secret Affair” exhibition, which gives Austin a crash course in how high the bar can be set for creativity. Would the city’s bands and chefs get over it?
Hammons took the clippings from an urban barbershop and used them to"decorate" the crown of a smooth stone. The piece seems to invoke boththe “blockhead” insults once leveled at black people, but also an implacable, stony resistance to all the insults the world can offer. And in its obvious echoes of Brancusi’s smooth forms, it takes modernism’s Africa fetish and reclaims it for black America. (Courtesy Glenn Fuhrman Collection)
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Ana Mendieta / Birth / 1981.

oldie of absolute muse @barbienox wearing @its_meandyou

Jacques Lacan Parle, 1971

Hermaphrodite statue

Wake Up to Yoga by Lyn Marshall, 1975

Small standing figure from the Teita people of Kenya

John Stezaker - Ruth Hogben reference image